March 11th 2007
Chocolate Mousse Manufacturers Association (CMMA) Top Award goes to Felix

Today the CMMA, the Manufacturer body for the Global Chocolate Mousse Industry today announced that this year’s ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award goes to Felix Huybrechts. A spokesman for the CMMA said “It gives me tremendous pleasure to give this year’s award to someone who has contributed so much to the success of our Industry. What is unique about Felix is his unerring ability to spot Chocolate Mousse on any restaurant menu combined with the sheer volume of his consumption in any given year. Frankly a lot of Chocolatiers in Europe are driving around in Ferraris thanks to Felix. I can only assume that the fact that he washes the Chocolate Mousse down with Cola Light rather than Regular has enabled him to retain the slim figure that older, large-chested women find so irresistible”

March 3rd 2007
Previously unseen footage of ‘Felix - the early years’ revealed

A DVD of archive film footage previously thought lost of Felix in the days when he had a full head of lucscious curly blond hair has turned up on e-bay, bought by a lucky collector who had no idea what he was buying. “I thought I was buying a cartoon of Felix the Cat” said the collector who asked to remain nameless. It was only when I put it in my DVD player and saw this fresh-faced boy with an uncontrollable mop of curly blond hair dressed in dodgy 1980’s new-romantic clothes that I realised I was on to something special. In the end I swapped it for a VHS copy of ‘Felix the Cat goes to Vienna’ with a lady from Austria on E-bay who said she was desperate to get her hands on him”

February 14th 2007
Antwerp Postal Service grinds to a halt

Postal authorities from Antwerp were quoted as saying they had “never seen anything like it”, responding to complaints from citizens of Antwerp over late mail deliveries today. The chaos was caused by the huge amount of Valentines cards that needed delivering to Felix’s penthouse apartments in the town. The Postal executive went on to say “Unfortunately our service in the whole 2060 district suffered today due to unprecedented amounts of mail needing delivery to one particular address. I would describe it as a kind of ‘perfect storm’ when Felix’s entire harem decided to pick this year to send him a Valentine’s card. We just weren’t prepared for that sort of spontaneous outpouring of affection and we were simply unable to cope with the sudden increase in workload”

December 2006
Felix denies all knowledge of involvement in ‘International Incident’ in Normandy

A spokesman for Felix Huybrechts today issued the following statement in response to recent allegations that he was involved in what is becoming known as “the Dog Green Incident”:

“I can categorically deny that Felix had any involvement in this affair. To suggest that he and a pair of unidentified Americans would be such WW2 nerds as to recreate part of the Normandy landings on Omaha beach in the middle of Winter is frankly laughable. Felix has not at this or any other time run across any beach holding a gun-shaped stick making machine-gun noises and shouting “last one in Berlin’s a sissy”